On the 2nd May, we were scheduled to have the Byronathon 2020 event at Newstead Abbey. However, our planning did not take into account the Corona Virus and, as you know, by that date the Abbey was closed to the public and we were all confined to our homes under what has become known as ‘Lockdown’. Well, the Lockdown continues and many of us are wondering what to do with all this time we now have on our hands. We’re also becoming more au fait with the technology, since the only ways to communicate are through Zoom or Skype, so I thought why don’t we have a virtual Byronathon. All you need is something capable of videoing your performance, like a smartphone and you’re away. I have videoed two poetry readings, so far, both of which are somewhat light-hearted and designed to make you smile. However, they can be humorous, silly, serious, romantic or whatever takes your fancy, but do have a go. At the time of writing, two other people have sent videos and all our efforts have gone on the NAP website. What have you got to lose other than your dignity? If I can do it, anybody can, so please let’s have a good collection. They don’t need to be too long, so you might read an extract or choose the same poem as somebody else. It really doesn’t matter. After all, you’ve got nothing much else to do!

Please send any contributions to

Best wishes and keep safe,

Byron’s She walks in Beauty read by David Newport

Byron’s I would I Were a Careless Child read by Lucy Brouwer

Byron’s So We’ll Go No More A Roving read by Pat Richards

Byron’s Lines upon a Cup Formed from a Skull. read by David Newport

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