Update from the Chairman

Dear NAP Members

I hope you have all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year.

Since we last met back in September, I thought it would be appropriate to give you a brief update on what NAP has been doing these past few months.

First, I am delighted to say that Sue Longden has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer from Derek Wileman. They are due to complete the handover arrangements early in the new year.

Trying to secure the funding for the repairs to the West Front continues to be a priority for us but also a challenge. We are working closely  with John Darlington of the World Monument Fund who is in discussions with several of his contacts who may be in a position to provide further financial support for the works to be carried out.

By their very nature, these take time to reach a conclusion so patience and resilience are key attributes to bear in mind, but I am hopeful that we may have some positive news to report before very long.

For some time we have been considering organising a Byronathon at Newstead Abbey. This would entail a  non-stop reading of some/most/all of Byron’s poems by a range of readers over an agreed length of time.

We are very much at the start of the planning stage,  but to take this forwardwe are proposing to hold a meeting at the Abbey on Monday January 15th from 2.00 – 4.00  to discuss in more detail how this might work – possible dates, times, poems, readers, refreshments, staging, costsetc.

This meeting is open to any NAP member who would like to help out in whatever way they feel able.

So, if you want to find out more about what could  take place we would very much like to see you on the 15th. We will meet in the café and then move to one of the meeting rooms nearby.


Best Regards


Dr Patrick Candler

ChairmanNewstead Abbey Partnership

Annual General Meeting 2017

Annual General Meeting
Monday 4th September 2017

See the arrangements and agenda below:

6.30pm in The Victorian Kitchen

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Minutes from Meeting on 5th September 2016
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chairman’s Report 2016/17 (to be tabled)
  5. Treasurer’s Report (to be tabled)
  6. Election of Officers
  7. Election of Committee
  8. Resolutions
  9. Progress report on the West Front project
  10. Date of next AGM

Prior to the AGM, David (Vice Chairman) gave a brief talk on Newstead Abbey’s Victorian Kitchen. He spoke about the history of the kitchen from its origin as part of the Newstead Priory, through its Gothic additions at the hands of the Wicked Lord Byron, and finally to its re-building by Colonel Wildman’s architect as a replica of the Glastonbury Abbey kitchen. He also described the changes from an open fire burning half a ton of coal a day to the present Victorian ranges installed by the Webb family. The talk concluded with a look at some of the kitchen appliances including a particularly large marble pestle used for pounding herbs and spices on a grand scale.

From 5.30pm – 6.30pm afternoon tea and scones were provided in the Victorian Kitchen for all NAP Members and guests.

The tea and talk was free to all NAP members and £5 to all non-members.

While the AGM is open to the general public, only paid up NAP members may vote on any item.

Victorian Kitchen

Victorian Kitchen

Vice Chairman, David Newport, in the Victorian Kitchen


Chairman, Dr Patrick Candler


Afternoon tea


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