Newstead Abbey Partnership

Newstead Abbey Partnership came together in 2013 as a group of volunteers who rallied around to support Newstead Abbey following the inclusion of the Abbey on the World Monuments Fund (WMF) 2012 Watch of global heritage at risk.

Newstead Abbey

With funding support from the World Monuments Fund Britain, the group are working with Nottingham City Council to fund  conservation works to the building and increase awareness of Newstead Abbey and public engagement with the site.

World Monuments Fund Britain helped to set up the Newstead Abbey Partnership and awarded the group a grant of £40,000 from The Paul Mellon Estate. This has contributed to the development of the group, the NAP website and ongoing activities, and will also support an initial phase of conservation repairs to the West Front of the Abbey.

NAP Documentation

NAP Constitution
NAP WMFB – Press Release
NAP Presentation – 25.6.14
Newstead Abbey Partnership – Away Day Report
NAP Minutes – 16.3.15
NAP Minutes – 16.2.15
NAP Agenda – 9.1.15
NAP Minutes – 15 12 14
NAP Minutes – 17.11.14
NAP Minutes – 15.9.14
NAP Minutes – 14.7.14

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